Friday, March 21, 2008


I love the idea of emergent properties.

Level-crossing, also, is an idea that seems intricately intertwined.

Rick mentioned yesterday to me that there's a philosopher at UC named Richardson who studies emergence. Perhaps I should direct my philosophical question (regarding the usefulness of efficient market theory in reference to the "agency/computational theory of mind") towards him. Also, the professor who Matt had the "Complex Systems" class... what was his name? Arg! He almost was the objectivist club advisor... starts with an S. Damnit. I'll think of it soon. At any rate I'd love to get in contact with him and get some feedback on the idea from him.

"Intricately Intertwined" would be an excellent ambigram, by the way. I love how these ideas emerge out of... where? The recesses of my mind, evidently. What unexplored territory there must be.

[8:49 the next day]

Sidman is the professor I was thinking of. Now's also an opportune time to post the following ambigram:
This one is admittedly difficult even for its creator to read, owing partially to having a different number of letters and having a lot of role-sharing going on. Hint: its the study of the sort if thing I opened this post with.

Give up?

Ok me too. It says Cognitive Science, inverted. I need to find some more interesting effects than just calligraphy and shadows, methinks. The ambigrams on Nagfa's site (see the comment under the Creative Integrity post) have some really phenomenal ambigrams in tons of different styles and subjects. I'm in their debt for their kind comments, and I'll keep track of their site for sure .

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