Monday, March 31, 2008

A Mirror Image

Pittsburgh is an amazing city, and hard to leave. I do mean "hard to leave" literally, in at least three different ways.

Briefly: I had a blast with a couple old friends, bought some art, smoked a hooka, had some great food, got very drunk, made some art, studied some Hoffstadter, and admired the beautiful "alternatively styled" girls in the coffee shops. Also yelled obscene things at a school bus trying to navigate streets almost too narrow fro my car, slept on a floor, got sick, went for a walk by the river, discussed epiphenominalism and whether its the same as emergentism, whether reductionism and eliminitiveism are necessarily hostile to them, whether naturalism and trancendentalism are worth studying, and what's the best approach to ontology/metaphysics.

A great, great time, worthy of being chronicled in greater detail. I'll leave it for now with an ambigram I did in a coffeeshop called the Beehive (which has among its charms a lovely green-haired beauty).

This is a mirror image ambigram on the vertical axis. Its gone pretty far from the word it was originally intended to represent, and in the process aquired some accidental meanings. It could be (among other things): a four letter undesirable state of being, a four letter desirable personality attribute, or a six letter female name with mythical associations. I'll buy dinner for the person that can guess the name (and actually point out where the letters are). Bonus points if you can also recall what things she's the goddess of, and super-bonus points if you can point out an image that symbolizes an aspect of her dominion (I can see one).

With a little more refinement, I feel that this could be a perfect tattoo; especially if the person getting it was described by its various interpretations. I think it looks fanciful enough to be seen just as a pretty swirl without meaning at all. I also get a vague impression of devils horns, angel wings, snakes eyes, fleurs-de-lis, preying mantises, Evangelion, and the pictures of the strange attractors in Metamagical Themas. I feel that I've created something of beauty here.

[one hour later]
But wait, theres more! Instead of going to sleep like I should at 1:30, I've been experimenting with flipping it on its side and making a mirror image of the whole thing, an increadible thing happens! a few new words pop out (mostly from veiwing the original upside down), but at least two new image-level meanings emerge!

The obvious one is a butterfly, the funnier one is a sort of mix between a manga charactature of a little Italian man and the pringles guy. All the rather stern imagry from the single one above seems to have vanished!

[added a few days later:]
Ok so how many words can be seen in this beauty? So far i've heard: Dead, Sexy, (the two of which in conjunction make for a great description), Seven, Dazed, Never, Nether, Nerd... are there others? Other than the name it was originally meant to be?

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