Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ambigramatical Repartee

Here's an inversion ambigram for you to figure out (the second word is the first word upside flipped upsidedown):Again, I've displayed it with its inversion below so that you needn't crane your neck. It needs refinement, but its 12:30 already, and you should be able to get it with a couple of hints.

1. There's a lot of role-sharing going on
2. Each of the strokes can be seen to have no meaning by themselves, but as a whole they say something, which in fact describes the same phenomenon. Another way to say that would be:
3. Its self-referential, at least about a description of itself.
4. Its dedicated to Rick and Matt.

No fair clicking on the picture and looking at its title.

I've got a list of some fifteen new bands to check out; an aforementioned person with a highly developed taste in music has browsed my library and made recommendations based on what she saw. Funny, Rick and I have spent some time thinking about fancy ways to do the same things with programs, but for now the best way to get recommendations is to hand your playlist to someone with good taste and ask for more.

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