Sunday, May 25, 2008


So I decided to channel my inner fifteen year-old last night and go skateboarding. It was as awesome as I could have ever hoped. Except for the fact that my bearings are totally shot as a result of my little brother leaving it out in the rain, and that I've forgotten how to fall.
For years I've had this idea that it would be really fun to skate down the college of business garage, cause its sloped in sort-of a square-spiral. It also has an elevator. Anyone else seeing this like a concrete-jungle version of snowboarding? The connection is stronger in my mind 'cause the only time I've ever snowboarded, it kicked my ass. Likewise; in the midst of sloleming (I have no idea how to spell that correctly and spellcheck is no help; just effing sound it out) down the garage, I'm having fun, cutting left and right; suddenly my wheels grip sideways and I take a dive down the ramp. Funny thing was: I checked to see if my phone was alright before checking out my body. Thankfully my elbow and knee absorbed all the impact. What strange values technology confers.

So I think it would be really really awesome to have races down the garage. I need to find some other skateboarders who wanna be weird with me.

Also: in thinking more about the sculpture model below; its become quite evident how beneficial not having gravity is when designing such a thing. I need to figure out some way to make it stand and be aesthetically pleasing while retaining the symbolism. I think a lattice of rebar along the outside would provide the needed structure, and it could probably be done so that the light can still shine through it like I want. Plus it could be analogous to the sugar-phosphates that make up the outer spiral of DNA (or so I hear). So going down that route; what could be the hydrogen bonds in the center? Instead of having the projected ambigram cut into the base rung, there could be another peice of material on the inside... not sure what it should be; probably something light and insubstantial. Floral foam?

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