Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stencils and skateboards

So I had enough fun face-planting yesterday that I decided I wanted to do it some more, and after I applied some liquid bandage to my scrapes I went out and got new bearings and wheels for my skateboard. The wheels are sweet; they're super hard so I can slide around when I'm going fast; almost like a snowboard. Great fun; I'm serious about doing skateboard races at CoB. I also bought a "ZERO" shirt, which I've been wanting for a very long time.

I also rather coincidentally saw some guy outside Angel's with a skateboard; on the deck I noticed he had a bunch of cool stenciled designs. I thought "Well shucks, I could rather easily do that too," so I immediately went home and cut my "thoughtfeather" motif into some paper and spray painted it onto my skateboard. Behold!

I'm quite impressed with myself. New thoughts of web-business are spinning through my head; it would be sweet to set up a little ebay store and sell shirts and stuff with my designs stenciled on them. It remains to be seen how well they wash; the sharpies certainly didn't wash well. Anyway, I did the same stencil on a couple shirts, and this one turned out the best:
And hey, I could do this with ambigrams too! Soon I shall retire from my corporateness and live off of t-shirts, like a true child of the twenty first century!

Also here's a nice shot of Andrew cheerily eating his favorite midnight snack: Cancer-O's

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