Thursday, July 31, 2008

More of Montreal & Assorted Art

Check out this badassery:
What we have here is an ambigram that may become a tatoo for a friend (I have my fingers crossed) done on a shirt in the configuration I imagine the tattoo would be done. It says NEVERDIE with mirror symmetry. That way you won't forget what your tattoo says. I feel like it could use a little refinement still, specifically getting the middle characters better balanced with the end ones. The E and R in the middle look a little like a guitar with the neck chopped off, and it would probably look even more like a guitar if the neck were not chopped off. And also, I look like an effing badass. I'm never sure what to do with my face when people are taking pictures of me, but I think I channeled the spirit of the shirt into my expression. The result, I think you'll agree, is hot.

And the badassery below is Rachael bein' a gangsta, with her name done across her belly with mirror symmetry.

I might do this one on my own foot (this is in fact my own foot, but the wing is in sharpie).

And speaking of foot-drawing, heres a couple mo':

Yes, thats Dianna's nambigram, and yes, thats her foot. And heres her other foot!:
Heres an awesome photo of a peice of art I saw in a skateshop window Pittsburgh, in line with one of my lines of interest currently:
I'm noticing it only now, but I like how the crutch is bent inward towards the top. Somehow the bend pulls it together and makes it art rather than gold crutch glued to something.

So speaking of Pittsburgh, that was the last stop on my trip Montreal trip. Pittsburgh is another city I'd like to live in, I have a great time every time I go there. The southside is a tonnafun, and they have art like above in the windows.

Its been a goal of mine for a long time to be able to play guitar well enough to jam with someone, and at last! Rick helped me make that dream real. He's phenomenally talented on the bass, and I've learned just enough chords to be able to lay down a good rhythm for him to play over. We made music! And it sounded good! We even wrote some stuff down and named it. It had a fun, criminal, southwestern sound to it, so Rick called it "Border Jumper; Todos Estamos Amigos." I have a slightly morbid comical image of a music video where border patrol agents are driving around in their Jeeps playing tag with illegal immigrants in the desert and listening to this song. ummm.... is that wrong? Anyway, we jammed. It was a wonderful feeling to play music with someone else, to create it spontaneously. And since then, I've jammed with Matt Peterson and Chris Nicak, both of which were awesome and unique experiences. Matt knows the keyboard and music really really well, so he has a lot of creative versatility. I'll play a chord progression, and he can do a ton of creative variations in the key I'm playing; it sounds really fluid and spontaneous.
Chris and I are at about the same skill level on guitar, so there was no leaning on the other player to make it sound good. We really leveled-up in playing together, we both taught each other a couple chords and tricks, and we got a couple groovy new songish things out of it. Music is fun fun fun. I'm enthusiastic about learning more; the more I learn the more natural beautiful sounds come to me.

So a few more Montrealish things:

I was walking down Rue St. Lawrence the last night I was there, and I walked into a random bar at like 9:00. A band was doing their soundcheck, and their soundcheck sounded awesome. I was throughally excited for the actual show to start at 11. The band was called Emma and the Noise. They were incredibly good, especially for what struck me as just a group of young people getting together to play music. The had a classic jazzy sound that was absolutely world-class. Every musician was prodigiously talented on their instrument, and the singer had a style that reminded me of... Ella Fitzgerald? Not sure if thats the best reference, but she was beautiful. Both in her music and her stage presence.
Despite their epic awesomeness, this band didn't have any recordings for sale. I would have bought like three or four copies of any disk they had available, just to support them and spread their sound. Check out their myspace, they should have (she says) some recordings available soon.

To complete the reverse chronology of my trip, here is a photo of Matt waving me goodbye the night before I left for Montreal:

I've never figured out how he gets his hand to glow like that, and he wont tell me.

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