Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sculpture: Final?

I've come to a point in the development of the MEME-GENE/soul-body ambigram sculpture idea that I feel I'm nearing completion. I think this design will actually stand, and I think that building it will be achievable. Behold!

First a few shots of the basic unit of the structure. I was aiming for simplicity, with the constraint of using only sheet metal in mind.
The basic idea: you've got a triangle with a two inch radius. Copy it, move the copy up one inch, then backwards one inch, then rotate it a sixteenth of a turn. Fill two of the sides, and make a third side jut out into the "center," and cut the ambigram on that. (MEME is showing right-side up on this one, I still need to do the inversions.) The idea is that it can be folded from a piece of nicely cut sheet metal and welded.
Some more views, rotating over the top:
Now, Imagine that basic shape repeated sixty four times, and line the bottom of each piece up with the top of the piece below it. A helix naturally forms. Zooming way out, we have this:

Note that the basic shape that makes up the whole thing is down on the right. If we zoom in, we can see the ambigrams (also note that you can click on any of these shots to see more detail):
And tilting the camera down a bit:

Scaled like this, the helix stands around 5.3 feet tall. It could be larger or smaller, as one sees fit. I feel like five feet would be pretty awesome.

I'm pretty pleased with the results here. Next thing to do is make the inversion of the ambigram and make them alternate, then make the body-soul ambigrams and do another helix.
Ah, too bad its almost two in the morning.

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Paul Murphy said...

Dimmensions would be interesting in terms of how it will be built. I suggest taking it to DAP and have them get to work on it.

I like it and especially the process I have witnessed. Life is a journey and this documents not just your life but the continuium of man...past-present-future