Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It occured to me that "Foamcore" would be a nicely ironic name for a genre of music, as the following dialog demonstrates:

Person A: Whats your band sound like?
Person B: I'dcall it maybe like, post-rock foamcore.
Person A: Foamcore?
Person B: Its like hardcore, but light and airy and soft
Person A: ... so its not like hardcore at all
Person B: Exactly.

... Um. Anyway check out this model I built out of (actual) foamcore!

This is the first physical incarnation of the MGSB sculpture! Its made of sixteen rungs of cut-and-folded foamcore (the final version will be sixty-four rungs tall). I didn't cut the ambigrams into this one because the material is too flimsy, but you get some of the effect with the painted-on ones. On the inside the ambigram reads "MEME," and as it spins around you can see the outside where it says "GENE" (its a "front-back" ambigram).
Also note the book thats being used to keep the wind from knocking it over; A bit of interesting unintentional symbolism in that that book provided the inspiration for the whole thing, and now its holding it up. I almost called the book the sculpture's "foundation," but that seems quite contrary to the spiritof coherentism (which the sculpture is supposed to embody).
Whats lacking here: 48 rungs, a second helix, the mirrors and shadow-casters on the inner rungs, and a couple hundred pounds of stainless steel.


Paul Murphy said...

This is really starting to take shape.

TJ Murphy said...


Thanks! Its nice to have my art complimented, especially by you.

Actually building it physically was an interesting and worthwhile exercise, I realized some fundamental problems in the geometry (and the solutions to them). Namely that the inner rung makes an imaginary equilateral triangle on the top and bottom that are the mirror images of the triangles that make the outer rung. Somewhat obvious, in retrospect, but not realizing that caused the design to be just slightly off, and is the reason that the foamcore helix is crooked.

I'm wondering what other experiments I should do before attempting the real thing.