Sunday, November 30, 2008


In all its forty-year old glory, here's my motorcycle. I took the handlebar extension and sissy-bar off, so it looks a little less chopper-ish. Next thing is to get the oldschool seat.
I rode it maybe 20 miles on the friday after thanksgiving, first time ever in traffic, and not legally. I was trying to do it all legit, but its tough playing by the rules, apparently. Because I bought it out of state I had to take it to the BMV to get it inspected in order to get a title and plates. My temporary plates expired, and all the trailer rental places were closed. Sheesh. So I just rode it up there anyway.

Anyway, the bomber jacket was a good investment for the purpose of riding in the cold. Its warm enough that I could probably ride through the winter if I were to get some leggings. Maybe some thigh-high striped knit leg warmers to go over my jeans.

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Rachael said...

you never give me any credit. leg warmers = my idea. world, let it be known: when you see thigh leg warmers on the cat walks, it was I, Rachael Kauffung, who birthed this genius idea.