Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Picture Centric Post

My sister Chelsea decided that she was ready to let go of her guitar, and she sold it to me. Its a beautiful Washburn 64DL, blue with gold hardware. The wood grain in it is all swirly, and its a neck-through design. Looks like a cross between an SG and a telecaster, and it plays beautifully (I've reached a point where I can tell the difference). I note that its a lot more responsive to varying the pressure on the string for vibrato, I assume its 'cause of the type of bridge.
My younger sister, Claire, has begun her stringed musical instrument quest with a mandolin. She's a natural at it; I just showed here how the tones were situated on the fretboard and she immediately started playing her clarinet music, sight-reading. I wish I had that talent.
Dad and I spent some time doing final adjustments to my motorcycle, since its been warm enough to ride. We got new tires, and I hacked the back of the seat off:
Here are my two marvelously impractical modes of transportation:
And here's Jude looking rad on my bike:

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