Sunday, January 25, 2009

Music and weekend chronicles

I think I'll try to post a recording every week. That will make for an interesting added dimension to the blog; future readers will be able to see how I progress intellectually and emotionally by reading the things I write as well as listening to the music I play. Here's one I did by myself, its structure is:

Em G Em C C Am C Am C4 D (repeat)
(click to play)

I did twelve bars of that, then started a "solo" over it, and ended with another twelve bars. Ideally there would be some soloing of some other instruments (eg keyboard and bass), and I can add them later. I imagine lyrics could be put over the parts without solos.

How else did I spend the weekend? Went skateboarding Friday night, rode my motorcycle up to Highlands, and hung out with Matt and Jude there. It was nice and warm when I went out; but it was under 30 degrees when I left. The bike had started like a charm earlier in the day, but I had to kick it probably fifty times before it would stay running at 12:30. I even tried roll-starting it (highlands is at the top of a nice hill), but it was too cold even for that. I think the oil gets more viscous at that temperature, or something.

Rachael brought me breakfast on saturday, I did half my Optimization Analysis homework in MATLAB, and we went to Amy's grandma's 90th birthday party. I moped around for a few hours feeling depressed about the tradegy of aging, then got stuff for sushi-and-anime night with Matt and Jude. Jude went to a wonderful extreme and made a whole bunch of maki rolls and some egg rolls. Rachael and I made pretend ramen. Tons of food, and we watched Lupin III; Island of Assasins. Pretty funny, though not in the cannon of incredibly awesome anime.

Sunday I lazed around Rachael's till later, stopped by Skyline to see Matt and Jude again, then came home and did the music I posted. Later Matt and I jammed for a few hours, but didn't record anything. I've got to get a multi-track recording device; we seem to sound best when we're playing together and building on what eachother do.


Rachael said...

Definitely progress. I'm sure you know it's imperfections so I won't point them out. I would say a year more of this kind of practice and you'll have something you're willing to play in public and even give out on cds.

TJ Murphy said...

Only a year? Thanks!

You ready to sing over it?