Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A breif chronicleing with no attempt at eloquence

On Saturday I went to 44, an event at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, organized by Issac Hand. This was his first time directing the event, and it was fantastic; a great band, and some great poetry. A Winter's Meat Petal, and Micha Freeman, respectively.

After that I studied a bit, accomplished a little, and read some of Le Ton Beu de Marot; the only Hofstadter book (published in english) that I've yet to read. I had been noticing that my verbal skills seems to be declining a bit as I'm doing all this study in mathmatical subjects, but just a little immersion in his writing gets the words churning in my head again.

During the week I also listened to an audio book while playing guitar (while I should really have been studying). The book was Pattern Recognition; quite good. A sci-fi novel, but involving only technology that already exists. Its emphasis was on the interaction of internet and "real life" culture, how culture guides people into doing things without them seeming to make choices, and marketing. A good adventure/mystery story, too.

I also caught a good blues band at Christies, played a bit with Matt, and rode my motorcycle alot. I find that roll-starting it isn't as easy at it seems like it should be, I'm contemplating rigging up some engine block heater. I rode up to Mt Storm on monday afternoon (I took the day off for an exam) to chill for a bit, and a girl randomly asked if I'd give her a ride on it.

I think I rocked my exam. I had been nervous about it, but I finished with time to spare and look more deeply into the questions I was unsure of. I think things will work out alright. I have another on thursday; this one I'm not sure what to expect.

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