Friday, March 13, 2009


I get the tiniest bit of schadenfreund from the growing public discontent with Obama. The joy is small through, cause I'd much rather have been wrong. I applaud him for removing the obscene hurdles to science that the restrictions on stem cell research imposed, but that's no more than I would expect any even slightly rational president to do. So hurray for that, but lets now face the fact that every other expectation that's been set up for Obama is a pipe dream.

Bah! Better yet, lets face the fact that Presidents don't have the power to fix everything! Obama himself said that early in his campaign, but it doesn't seem to have stopped his followers from beleiving that he can, or he himself acting like he can.

The one way in which President Obama, or any president, can be useful, is to veto the atrocities coming out of congress. As a populace, we need to stop acting like the president has more authority than that. The president can suggest laws and budgets, provide leadership, and go to war, but thats it! Laws are written by congress, and if we focused more attention there than on the figure head, we might be able to affect the course of the dialog.

Ok, I recognize the irony; I'm commiting exactly the error I'm condemning and focusing on the president rather than my elected representatives. Ok, Lets remedy that. First I'll figure out who they are.
Jean Schmidt seems to be my congressional representitive, and Brown, Sherrod and Voinovich, George V. are my senetors.


Now lets send them some email.

Should I actually research their records and take them to task for their misdeeds , while fairly praising them for thier virtues? Or should I just swear at them for being a part of such an evidently corrupt institution? The former option certainly seems to be the more respectable one, but given the innefectuality of either I'm tempted to do the latter.

Maybe I'll take the congressional route and compromise, incorporating the worst of both ideas! I'll research their records, then obscenely berate them!


Paul Murphy said...


I am on board with all that you are saying with one note of caution. Lately our “Grand Standing” President that is bent on doing anything that is anti Bush regardless if it is good for our country or not seems to think that exposing documents on Bush’s interpretation of power only soaks seeds of decent in his own camp. He then fertilizes these seeds by making the outrageous statements implying that a president does not have the special powers to prosecute a war and those powers belong to Congress. Well he is just a tad to young to remember first hand how Congress' over involvement in Viet Nam killed thousands of our troops while they waited for orders from Congress, while they pooled their constituencies for decisions they knew nothing about.. Congress is why we pulled out early while victory was in our grasp only to see South Viet Nam surrender to the Communists two years later. He may not have the powers to fix the economy, but unlike Bush who took us to a war that we won with relatively very few casualties, Obama is setting the world up for WWIII

Rachael said...

Maybe you should also start voting, you whiner. No bitching til you vote!!