Wednesday, March 18, 2009


By the way, Hum's first album is good.

For example: the second song is about five minutes long, and here are the lyrics:


Hum Winder lyrics

It's a lonely, twisted world spinning sickly on it's side.
I'm fried, and I can't sleep.
No, I haven't enjoyed the ride.
I'm just a white guy from the future,
I'm completely out of touch.
I know that you're tired, but I never loved so much

They don't repeat. Just once through with lots of guitar and drums, exactly like the garage band the are.

I get a kick out of the "I'm just a white guy, from the future" line. It brings to mind the idea of the "relative future." If you're an acculturated member of a technological society and you visit with someone who's not, you might as well be from different time periods. Not really a new idea, but its song struck a strange relief.

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