Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

WOOO Data Mining and Design of Experiment are DONE! Only Programming and Neuroscience remain!

I got my Neuroscience project proposal back yesterday and talked with Dr. Bickle about it. He was amused, said he thought it was really interesting and creative, but that it probably wouldn't work. I'm of the same opinion. As I was writing, it seemed less and less plausibly accomplishable as I got closer to the end of the paper. Nevertheless, it wasn't really meant to be a proposal that gets implemented, so it served its purpose in demonstrating that I've learned some stuff about neuroscience and experimental design.

I've been remiss in my mentions of CS13. This weekend, Saturday the 13th is our grand gallery opening. I still havn't made any postcards, but now that exams are almost done I should be able to. I've been trying to get down there at least a couple times a week to help with the painting. The space is looking beautiful; I think that the opening will be very successful. We've got more than a hundred fifty postcards, and six people performing.

Oh! On Sunday, I'm going to Indiana University for the North American Philisophy and Computing conference! Erica Dylan-Waters has been kind enough to offer up her couch there, so thats sweet. I was thinking of taking my bike and trying to bike back... Seems like it should be accomplishable if I were to do like 40 miles a day, right? Rachael pointed out that I still havn't signed up for health insurance, so its probably not a good idea.

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