Monday, June 8, 2009

Neuroscience paper grade!

I got an A on my neuroscience paper!

Did my calc exam earlier today, probably got a C on it, for a C in the class. I need to go back and study college algebra.

Working on my Design of Experiment out-of-class final now. I've got some progress, probably only 10 more hours to go on it.

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rachelshott said...

Hi TJ! Rachel Shott here. I hope you know at least of me. I was just talking to your Mom and sister on the phone and you came up in conversation... again, and that it seems a little crazy that we haven't really met. I guess we have when we were really young but I have no memory of that. Needless to say I've changed quite a bit since then;)Ha. Anyways, she was saying tht you'll be done with school in a few weeks and may be visiting MI. We should hang, your Mom was saying that you're intersested in music and the arts, as am I. I've wanted to meet you for a bit, so hopefully we can someday! Actually I'm on my way over to your Mom and Sis's house here in a minute. I hope you have a great day!