Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More little accomplishments

-Got the CS13 website online:
-Got CS13 registered on google maps.
-Put all the postcards from the opening show online. Oddly, they seem more interesting when you view them online, one by one. I think having 250 of them on the wall was overwhelming; you ended up not focusing on any of them.
-Went to the CS13 reading group, discussed Invisible Cities with Issac and Bill.
-Got my domain registered, started work on the site.
-Figured out how to use my sweet (and unnamed) new audio recording to export MP3's, posted the good recordings online (see two posts ago).
-Read a bunch of Time Series Forecasting class chapters.
-Discovered the Dead Weather; I dig em.
-Helped Matt and Jude eat all some of their leftover camping breakfast food.
-Went on on a 20 mile bike ride last friday with Issac; I ate too soon before hand and felt like I had a rock in my stomach and no energy. My muscles didn't end up getting sore, I was just exhausted.
-I've been working out with Rick; my upper body is super sore.

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