Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Raw eggs and kiwi peel 

I recently discovered that eating raw eggs is healthy, more nutritious, and not likely to give you salmonella poisoning. Its also one of the few foods that seem to digest effortlessly and give you quick energy. I figured out how to flick the top of with my fingernail and eat it straight from the shell. Flavorless, and oddly satisfying.

I also tested the hypothesis that eating a kiwi with the peel still on is a reasonable thing to do. Turns out: true. I always thought the idea was really weird, but I find that its much more convenient than peeling it, and neither the flavor of the peel nor the texture are detrimental.

Oh, what significant blogging material.

Perhaps more striking: I biked from Clifton to West Chester a couple days ago. Its really only fifteen miles, but they're hilly, bastardly miles. It gave me the confidence that I can do such things with only an acceptable level of discomfort. I'm currently enjoying the benefits of having a testosterone-producing body; the lifting I've done over the last two weeks has produced immediate, noticeable results. I had gotten so out of shape that you could feel my ribs through my pectoral muscles without pressing very hard; now they've got a little more of an appropriate thickness and heft. Protine shakes and creatine pry don't hurt either.

Rick and Matt and I had another good jam session on Sunday, we got some good recordings out of it and created a few new grooves. Its interesting how people seem to be attracted to the music coming out of the gallery, a few people have walked right in and started talking with us (or giving us advice). Its a little annoying to be interrupted, but its neat to be engaging people on the street. I think we need to find a way to bring the people in the neighborhood in to make music; that could be really cool.

I've been deep in relaxation mode the last couple weeks, lots of sleep and not enough work. Need to get re-motivated and disciplined into furthering my learning. I've been thinking more and more about taking the bio and chem courses. Looking back at my all the classes I've taken, Bickel's neuroscience class was by far the one that captured my imagination the most. I should really be in that field, I think... the only question is whether its advisable to go back and take the undergraduate courses or if I should study the subjects at the graduate level while working towards another degree.

Meh. Degrees may not be the best way to judge progress, but I'm not sure what other good metrics there are.

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