Monday, August 17, 2009

Car Selling

Two people have called about buying my car since I put the add up yesterday! And I'll only loose 4K on it (hurray?).

It's interesting to note how difficult its been to motivate myself to do the few things I needed to do to get it sold. Namely get the title cleared, fix the few paint blemishes, spray some WD40 on the hood release, and fix the mirror. I know very rationally that I don't need it, but I guess the idea of not owning a motor vehicle gives me pause. The virtue of motor-vehicle ownership has been so deeply ingrained in me that I have to make a conscious effort to counteract it. Its an interesting example where a value-judgment that I've consciously and rationally made conflicts with my unconscious values.

Paying it off and seeing the hit to my bank account helped overcome that particular irrationality, certainly.

Hurray for biking! I'm going to Highlands.

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