Monday, August 17, 2009

Horray! Step on the Road to Serfdom Avoided!

So it turns out the winds of change aren't blowing as strongly as some thought, in terms of health care.
Chances Dim for a Public Plan
This is good! But I note that they're talking about "compromise," which means we can expect at least a little damage to seep through.

Here's another voice that's sweet to my ears:
We Don't Spend Enough on Health Care
The main points: The money spent on health goods and services goes to other people; primarily Americans. Health care is a sector that can't very easily be outsourced to other countries, but its growth can be restricted; and when that happens people will have no choice but to seek it elsewhere (as evidenced by the 400K+ people who visit America every year to get treatment) or forgo treatment. I'm not of the protectionist bent; I don't think its bad to buy things from other people in other countries. But it would be good for our country to have a good industry to support itself with, and what better industry than heath care? We could probably include education in there as well.

It's good that we spend lots of money on something positive! Hopefully this debate will be buried within the next few weeks, maybe we can start discussing constructive ideas, like freeing markets from interference.

Another interesting consequence: the republican party that's become so worthless and incoherent has solidified around opposition to this sort of government control. Maybe they can drop their socially conservative elements and become something worthwhile? Probably not, but maybe.

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