Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Incredible, outrageous, and obscene

I was mildly upset when I heard about the government's plan to buy old cars from people for more than their fair market value, as I mentioned a few posts ago. The question of what they do with them when they're done never occurred to me, and apparently it didn't occur to them until recently either:

They're taking working, useful vehicles and destroying them. Cars that are less than a decade old! That should attract the attention of any person who's concerned with resource conservation. Does it really make sense that we're destroying vehicles that get 18mpg to replace them with freshly built vehicles that get slightly more? Remember that there's an environmental impact for building new vehicles, as well as junking the old ones.

Its interesting to note that in this case, environmentalists agendas seem to have trumped redistributionist ones; it seems like there's a pretty compelling case for giving the cars the government bought to low income folks who could use cheap transportation. And, for a review of the evidence that justifies the environmental motivation, see this article.

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