Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I took the GRE again yesterday and it was a smashing success!

Well, I should say more modestly that I got the improvement I was hoping for out of the quantitative section, moving from 560 to 650, bringing my overall score to 1290. I had commented earlier that I'd like to be above seven hundred on both sections, but considering that I only studied for the quantitative section, that goal was unlikely. I think I will take it again before the December deadlines and study for the 700+ goal. I've got the study books, and I'm confident that I can do it. Whether or not I actually need to do it is a separate question, but I'm motivated to do so because its one of the few concrete things that I know I can do to improve my standing.

I'm very interested to see how I did on the writing section; I got a question on the "express your views" part (the contents of which I'm agreement-bound to not disclose) that was able to write very enthusiastically and deeply about, bringing in lots of outside learning and subtlety.

I got to hang out with Erica Waters and some of her friends visiting from IU on Saturday night during Octoberfest. She's a blast, and I enjoyed the company of her friends a lot. We talked about electric submarines, Germany, brewing, grad school, the various and sundry virtues of bloomington... I'd very much like to be a part of their community.

All of my motorcycle parts have arrived in a deluge of boxes at my dads house, and I'm faced with the dual problems of starting classes (tomorrow) and having sold my car (last Saturday); thus I'm afraid it might be a mite difficult to get up there and do all the work on it I was so enthusiastically contemplating.

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