Saturday, October 3, 2009

60 handwritten pages...

... of notes and assignments in the first eight days of classes. Thats 60 double-sided pages, so more like 120. Granted, linear algebra and calculus tend to take up a lot of space on paper when you do them properly, but I'm nevertheless pretty astounded at the magnitude of my paper-output.

Whats worse: Thus far I've really only done serious work for my two undergraduate math classes. My two graduate math classes are a bit starved for attention (though I'm writing during a break from reading about simulation in Arena).

Dr. Kelton said that there aren't any good open-source alternatives to Arena (which costs $20K) presently, simply because of the nature and complexity of simulation software. I'm naturally skeptical of this, and I wonder if Repast Simphony can do similar things. I suppose I'll need to learn more about both before I can make an assesment.

I was intending on riding my bicycle to West Chester last night, but given that I got only five hours of sleep the previous night, I wasn't feeling too enthusiastic about that prospect. Plus there was a really awesome music festival going on in my neighborhood (called the Heights festival), and I wanted to see a few of the bands. It was put together by Rome of Babas (he's as epic as that sounds), and apparently all his work on it payed off. All the venues were packed, and there was a great diversity of musical styles and people, as well as some fantastic musicianship (I missed the hip hop acts earlier in the evening; I was busy grinding out matrix multiplication).

Hopefully Dad will get my message and be willing to give me a ride up to West Chester. I'd like to impress upon Jack and Claire the importance of being good at math early on by actually studying some of mine in front of them. Also I want to take the head off my engine, open all the boxes that have arrived there, and start monkying with the parts. I also need to pick up my copy of the probability book, my new macbook battery (mine is swelling somthin' fierce), and my copy of Snow Leopard.

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