Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Its my birthday today. I celebrated with a linear algebra exam, calculus, and probability. Its a good thing I've got smart group-mates for that latter class; they're much smarter than me and I'd be lost otherwise. All the calls from family and friends wishing me a happy birthday helped make it a happy occasion, despite my busyness.

I had to miss a finance talk that Dr. Kim recommended I see today on campus, unfortunately. Guy was a nobel laureate, and has some research that Dr. Kim recommended that I read. I'll have to catch up later. Also in the category of things I urgently need to do: finish reading Jeff Hawkins new paper, apply to my phd programs, read the research from Rob Goldstone and Olaf Sporns, and collect my thoughts on the idea that Dr. Bickle inspired and make it into a research agenda.

Outside of academic stuff, Matt and I recorded a cool song tonight. The ever-problematic titling question was solved by this webcomic. Dresden Kodac is beautiful.

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