Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life is pretty good.

I've been thinking, I'm pretty outstandingly rich. Certainly not in monetary terms; that number is negative. But in terms of how I get to live even with that negative number... its pretty wonderful. Lets enumerate:

I can nourish myself on kiwis, mangos, eggs, milk, honey, peppers, mushrooms, onions, and Indian food.

I can get around on a bike. Cars, gas, and insurance are things of the past.

My biggest source of stress is studying the fundamental truths of the universe, and trying to uncover new ones.

I've got a healthy body, and the energy to do fun things with it.

My locus of control resides mostly within myself.

I can entertain myself by learning music, and listening to whatever music of the past half millenea I can think to look up (barring lost stuff).

I can talk with people around the world and read their thoughts as soon as they publish them, for free.

I can talk with people in my own neighborhood who are among the smartest people in the world in their field.

I have access to libraries and all of humanity's collected knowledge, for free.

I can use ingenious programs that allow great expression of creativity, for free (or nearly so).

I can (attempt to) write ingenious programs of my own.

I can afford some of the highest technology that has ever existed on earth.

I have good reason to have trust in other people; theft and fraud are sufficiently rare (I say this even though I carry a massive chain for my bike...).

The market is sufficiently developed to place value on my self-development and therefore allow me to get by on a negative number for the time being.

I live in a beautiful place.

I have good friends.

Plenty of reasons to be thankful, eh wot?

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Anonymous said...

Wot u say
makes me very happy :)