Saturday, October 10, 2009

Photo post

Seems its been a while since I synced my phone, and I've got some interesting (imho) pictures to share.

My lips and hand incense burner sculpture:
I noticed an odd phenomenon about the lips: they look perfectly symmetrical when you hold them right-side-up, but totally asymmetrical upside down. Even knowing that they are asymmetrical, I still can't see the asymmetry right side up.

A while back I woke up before the sun rose (this was while I was reading A Neurocomputational Perspective), and went on a long bike ride. I found myself in this cemetary just after the sun came up, it was quite beautiful. Below is the picture of my first glimpse of the sun that morning.

Behold, a wall with interestingly peeling paint.

These are the results of my "shoot a bag of bleach in front of a black shirt with a rifle" experiment. An interesting diversity of results, I think.

Rick and I composed a pretty awesome (and hilarious) Pushkin sonnet in the back of my Philosophy and Neuroscience book. Its about science and mind, and how we're gonna revolutionize the field.

And finally, this totally sweet (if slightly overdramatic) picture I took of Rick for his website. Thats a Neverdie shirt he's wearing, you bes' b'leed it.

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