Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Retrofitted Autonomous vehicles become a reality

A while back, I wrote some stuff about a business plan around using vehicles retrofitted to be autonomous in a large-scale electronic auction marketplace.

The first prerequisite of that dream has become a reality: This company is selling retrofit kits that can be installed in under four hours. He notes that it will be a few years before our legal environment changes enough to make it legal for civilian use, and this is the last real barrier to reaping the benefits of getting people out from behind the wheel.

I wonder if that's true everywhere in the world? There's got to be some countries with less sever legal tangles to battle than in the US. I remember reading that Japan had an autonomous bus system in use for some high-profile event. I suspect their legal environment might be conducive to getting such a system implemented. Probably China too; given that they could command from on high that its allowable. I wonder about Brazil? thats a big huge country that I know almost nothing about.

I digress. Its exciting to see that we're significantly closer to autonomous vehicles. Remember: people in cars kill more than thirty thousand other people a year (in the US alone).

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