Monday, October 5, 2009

Triumph and Tradgedy

I got my official GRE score report back!

______Score___ Percentile
Quant __650______60
Verbal __640 _____92
Writing ___6______98

I'm pretty pleased with the 92 and 98 percentiles. I'm surprised that people seem to score so much better on the quant; my verbal score is lower than the quant, but much higher in terms of percentile. I suspect that could be attributed to a large number of test takers having English as a second language.

At any rate, I had decided that I would go ahead and apply with my current scores if I got a perfect score on the writing section, which I did. Therefore: I shall apply. All I need now is letters. I've got one from Professor Dalziel, and I think Professor Levy would be happy to write one for me... maybe Professor Yu also.

In the tradgedy section: my new battery wont arrive until tomorrow, and my current battery has swollen a full inch out of the case. I'm concerned that its going to break something or catch fire, though I hear that the swelling is an end-of-life protection against horrible explosions. Very frustrating.

The amount of homework I need to do has become vertiginous. I'm ordering Tika Masala again from Krishna 'cause I don't want to spend the time cooking. Time to buckle down!

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