Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Figurine

I had started on a male torso last night also. I finished it today, behold:

I left in the oven too long and got a burned stripe on the front. The color was quite nice, and I realized that cooking it longer would be an effective way to give it dark black skin. So: I turned up the heat and cooked each side. I love the result, and its a nice contrast to the pale-skinned female. I don't know that any particular ethnicity has that mix of maroon and dark black in their melatonin, but it looks good and matches the wood on my board.

With these black and white miniatures made, it seemed obvious to put them on the chessboard. They are just the right size, and they make a perfect king and queen. I think I might make a complete set in the same spirit. I'll just need to figure out what makes good analogs to the other pieces while keeping them distinct enough.

Here's an idea: go with the reproductive motif that the nudes hint at. Might be a little lewd by conventional standards, but hey, why not? Pieces might be designed as follows:

Bishop: Phallus
Knight: Uterus
Rook: Egg
Pawn: Sperm

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