Monday, November 16, 2009

We're incredible math

Imagine doing a few million matrix transformations, where each matrix has several thousand dimensions.

You just did exactly that, whether or not you understood what I meant. Neurons form networks, and the places where they connect to each other store information by changing their magnitude, like the elements of a matrix. Neurons themselves sum their inputs, and taken together the output of groups of neurons are matrix transformations of their inputs. So whether or not you can do formal math; you're doing nothing but math whenever your brain is functioning.

The line from the Ghost in the Shell closing song "she's incredible math" (speaking of the main character, to which the characterization more obviously applies) brought the thought to mind. And that was brought to mind by the conversation I just had with my thesis adviser (by the way, I have a thesis topic and an adviser now) where I shared with her my ideas on the mind-market conceptual connections.

Professor Yu has agreed to be my thesis adviser, and she's given me some good direction already. My project is on bankruptcy prediction, and its an offshoot of the class I had with her this summer. In short: my project uses the momentum of measures of firm's health to contextualize their status at a given point in time to help predict whether or not they are at risk for failure.

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