Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas gifts

If any of you readers (esp. family) are thinking of buying me anything for Christmas, donate whatever you would have spent to Wikipedia instead. Its fast and easy, just do it right now:

I'm totally serious. The only things I'm wanting presently are things that cannot be purchased; I've got all the sweaters, nice scarves, movies, gadgets, books, etc that I need. I'd much rather see your money go to the diffusion of knowledge. If you think likewise, please encourage whoever might be giving you gifts to do the same. Donate to whatever you like; Wikipedia just happens to be something that can benefit all people, so long as they have internet access. The diffusion of knowledge is probably the most powerful tool for helping people to attain self-determination.

Note that I've already gone ahead and done this with the money that would have otherwise gone to gifts for you, so don't worry about quid pro quo. In fact, I'll be embarrassed if you buy me something, so save me from that please.


Matthew J Peterson said...

Or, they could make a donation on your behalf to the Secular Coalition for America, at, which would be an awesome present!

Paul Murphy said...

too late