Friday, March 13, 2009


I get the tiniest bit of schadenfreund from the growing public discontent with Obama. The joy is small through, cause I'd much rather have been wrong. I applaud him for removing the obscene hurdles to science that the restrictions on stem cell research imposed, but that's no more than I would expect any even slightly rational president to do. So hurray for that, but lets now face the fact that every other expectation that's been set up for Obama is a pipe dream.

Bah! Better yet, lets face the fact that Presidents don't have the power to fix everything! Obama himself said that early in his campaign, but it doesn't seem to have stopped his followers from beleiving that he can, or he himself acting like he can.

The one way in which President Obama, or any president, can be useful, is to veto the atrocities coming out of congress. As a populace, we need to stop acting like the president has more authority than that. The president can suggest laws and budgets, provide leadership, and go to war, but thats it! Laws are written by congress, and if we focused more attention there than on the figure head, we might be able to affect the course of the dialog.

Ok, I recognize the irony; I'm commiting exactly the error I'm condemning and focusing on the president rather than my elected representatives. Ok, Lets remedy that. First I'll figure out who they are.
Jean Schmidt seems to be my congressional representitive, and Brown, Sherrod and Voinovich, George V. are my senetors.


Now lets send them some email.

Should I actually research their records and take them to task for their misdeeds , while fairly praising them for thier virtues? Or should I just swear at them for being a part of such an evidently corrupt institution? The former option certainly seems to be the more respectable one, but given the innefectuality of either I'm tempted to do the latter.

Maybe I'll take the congressional route and compromise, incorporating the worst of both ideas! I'll research their records, then obscenely berate them!

Are you fucking kidding me?

Today's news is of a caliber to break through the normally tough skin of my pessimistic cynicism and make me curse in the title of my blog post, where as I'd normally try to maintain at least a veneer of dignified respectability. Two outstandingly awful headlines:

First: the administration is negotiating a commercial treaty on copyrighting that is too sensitive for national security to be made public.

From threatlevel:
" If ratified, leaked documents posted on WikiLeaks and other comments suggest the proposed trade accord would criminalize peer-to-peer file sharing, subject iPods to border searches and allow internet service providers to monitor their customers' communications."

Is this a joke? Isn't this the president who commited himself to a "responsive democracy"? Didn't Obama just propose posting every earmark piece of pork-barrel legislative favoritism online before its shafted into a bill? Was his sole purpose in that gesture to distract from the hundreds of billions of pet-projects that congress just awarded itself in the last "stimulus"? It defies belief! Even credulity! How can this really be the state of the world? I'm beginning to understand the position of those who flat reject it and refuse to be a part of it. We're responsible for fixing this? Fuck that. Let the responsible parties go down in flames, we'll start from scratch later. No point in burning away our lives futilely trying to rescue a doomed ship.

And, as an indication that that very scenario might play out sooner than you'd like, see this article:

"Wait, so you're telling me that the government institution responsible for insuring individual savings accounts was denied the authority by congress to collect the insurance premiums they needed to be able to fulfill their purpose? Didn't congress mandate that purpose?"

Believe it! Before I was just glad that I didn't have any investments loosing money, now I'm just glad I don't have any savings to loose.

SO! If anything is becoming clear, it should be that congress is too inept and too corrupt to continue to exist. Lets start over. Seriously. How do we go about doing that? Can we rally three quarters of the state legislatures to pass an ammendment to the constitution that immediately abolishes congress and establishes a new constitution with stricter limits on government? Can we have a Plebicite? What would it take to remove the destructive elite that is the "Lawmakers?"