Wednesday, March 18, 2009


By the way, Hum's first album is good.

For example: the second song is about five minutes long, and here are the lyrics:


Hum Winder lyrics

It's a lonely, twisted world spinning sickly on it's side.
I'm fried, and I can't sleep.
No, I haven't enjoyed the ride.
I'm just a white guy from the future,
I'm completely out of touch.
I know that you're tired, but I never loved so much

They don't repeat. Just once through with lots of guitar and drums, exactly like the garage band the are.

I get a kick out of the "I'm just a white guy, from the future" line. It brings to mind the idea of the "relative future." If you're an acculturated member of a technological society and you visit with someone who's not, you might as well be from different time periods. Not really a new idea, but its song struck a strange relief.

Head for the hills

Hidden in an op-ed peice in today's WSJ:

"Production of gold Eagle coins "has been temporarily suspended because of unprecedented demand" for bullion."

Now, that... should make bigger news. The one safe store of value is not even available anymore. At least, not from the US mint. I imagine that's great news for those who hold the existing supply.

As I sit here, blogging at lunch, all the conversation around me is about basketball. It appears that people, in general, are just not paying attention. I suppose its more comforting than staring into the abyss.


As if to rub salt into my self/motorcycle-inflicted wounds, this appeared in my Digg feed:
President Obama Explains his Bracketology

But then! As if to pull me back from the brink of despair for our collective conciousness, This appeared!

Taxpayers Gather To Protest Spending, Taxes, Growing Debt

There were protests in Cincinnati, nonetheless. I wish I had heard about it in advance, I would have been there.