Monday, June 8, 2009

Neuroscience paper grade!

I got an A on my neuroscience paper!

Did my calc exam earlier today, probably got a C on it, for a C in the class. I need to go back and study college algebra.

Working on my Design of Experiment out-of-class final now. I've got some progress, probably only 10 more hours to go on it.

Great Irony

People on the political left have long emphasized the "collective," the importance of all people involved in a system having control and input. The irony: the best way to accomplish this is to have give all parties ownership and responsibility, while avoiding concentrating power into any particular individuals' or groups' hands. In other words, trust in the people to make the best decisions for their circumstances, let them be free do do what they see as right. Which is the definition of the free market.