Friday, June 26, 2009

little accomplishments

I have a relatively easy summer ahead of me (only two classes), so I need to keep myself on track and make sure I'm not wasting time. Therefore, I'm going to document my little accomplishments; the idea being that I'll be able to check and see that I've been making any.

Finished Le Ton Beau de Marot
Read 6 chapters of Golden Gate
Read 4 chapters of The Black Swan
Read 3 chapters of Python and did the excercises
Got an algebra book
Got books for both of my classes (and went to class)
wrote a few lines of a poem
Opened the gallery for Kris, who was able to sell (I think) her work
went to the opera, saw Don Carlo
Went on a 14 mile bike ride (last week)
Went to IU for the Philosophy and Computing conference (I need to write more about this!)

     try to break free
wonder why
    ask eternally

    in to the unknown
    all's dead that doesnt grow