Thursday, September 10, 2009

Conceptual slippages in typing

I've been noticing that typing errors can provide some interesting material for conceptual slippages, especially in very skilled typists (like myself, I daresay). When I'm typing quickly and trying to express a thought, not focusing so much on the mechanics of the typing, some interesting types of errors occur. Specifically, the substitution of symbols for similar looking or sounding ones. I have typed a zero on the number pad instead of an "o" on multiple occasions. The zero above the o on the keyboard would be unremarkable because of their proximity, but the zero on the number pad is quite distant!

Another interesting error is substituting the phonetic equivalent of a symbol. I just typed "vertue" instead of "virtue," presumably because that first 'i' in virtue is typically pronounced much more like an e, as in 'ver.'

Its an tiny bit of interesting insight into the subcognitive processes underlying the action. I wonder how this sort of approach could be formalized and tested (if it hasn't already been)? What clever things could you do online?

Blog traffic questions

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool, and the many dimensions of data seem to provide at least as many questions as answers. For instance, it seem that at least half of the traffic to this blog over the last month has come from Bellvue, KY, and surrounding areas. Who are you, oh noble viewers from Kentucky, and what brings you to my site? I suspect a good deal of that traffic is from my former colleagues in Erlanger, and some of it may be traffic coming from through KY for some mysterious routing reasons.

Its also interesting to note some of the proper-name search keywords that have been used. I'm pleased to have attracted your attention to my blog!

Whoever you are, I appreciate your visits, and I hope you find some thoughts of interest!