Thursday, January 7, 2010


To celebrate the news of the previous post, I rewarded myself by buying a tank and some mufflers for my bike. The original black bomber tank. IE, this tank:
Its in pretty rough condition and missing the emblems, but I'm all into restoration mode and I was excited to find one at all. I was also able to find one of the badges for sale, and I've got a bid in on it. For the other side, instead of buying one I'm gonna have my neverdie ambigram laser cut into a circle of metal, make a mold of the other emblem, then pour laquer into the mold and put the ambigram on the backside. Thus: my own custom, awesome emblem that fits perfectly into the spot on the tank. And an interesting asymmetry; especially comic because the ambigram is a left-right symmetrical one. I was thinking of refinishing the black part of the tank and leaving the chrome all pitted, then using tape to make an elongated diamond pattern in black paint over the chrome. It might look cool, and if not I'll just refinish the chrome too.

I also ordered some mufflers; some real short 15" slash-cut straight pipes with the insides painted red. Superduper awesome. I'm gonna keep the rusted headers and wrap them in heat-tape, so they'll be black.

For the seat, I'm gonna take off the quilted leather cover I have (which isn't really in sync with the cafe style) and make one out of canvass. The seat part will be white, the rest of it black. That'll give it the speed-back look the cafe-racers go for with the fiberglass seats, but a passenger will still be able to sit on it. I'll do baseball-stitching in white down the middle of the black part.

So in short, my bike will look a lot like the beautiful original in the background, but darker and with chrome accenting instead of dominating. That plus low handlebars and short pipes; it should look pretty rad.

Maybe it'll even run well too.

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