Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the State of Modern Art

To Free Verse Poets

We've all got emotions, yours aren't so very unique,
though I'll give you credit for exposing them to critique.
If you've got something to say, why not do it in prose?
Without meter or rhyme, is it poetry? Who knows!

I'm happy to listen to your unique perspective on life,
with sympathy I'll hear your witness of pain, suffering, and strife.
Gladly I'll pay attention as you eulogize lost heroes,
just please, choose a conducive medium for your throes.

Penta, tetra, hexa, use whatever meter fits best!
Try a rhyme, try an iamb, put your skills to the test!
I'm not asking you to compose sonnets, odes, or dirges,
merely suggesting you give some form to your expressive urges.

I don't mean to be hurtful, I'm not denigrating your art,
but what exactly is it, of which you'd like to be a part?
Are you writing for posterity? Are you furthering some cause?
Or merely aggrandizing your ego, by breaking established laws?

Verbal art is wonderful, its potential's rich and deep.
Why object so shrilly to any standards we should keep?
You'll say: "To break free from limiting and repressive rules!"
But constraints, you see, with creativity can be good tools.

Related: this post. I'm glad I went though an art-scene phase so that I could confidently not want to be a part of it (at least, in its current state and as I've experienced it). Eventually I'll lend some helpful advice to painters, musicians, and sculptors as well; though you can probably extrapolate what it might sound like.

Also: I realize there are metrical and rhyming flaws in my little polemic. Just consider it more meta-humor.


Paul said...

Brilliant irony. Well done. I'll copy it into the poetry book I'm for Claire. Of course I'll pen your name. But then again only in verse can irony be perceived as brilliant! Otherwise its just ironic. I think to strike a chord with with a universal audience poetry is a right tonic. Poetry allows you to be a unique individual, just like everyone else and not be challenged by it.

Anonymous said...

Hey thur, It's Lindsay Nehls. I was lurking around the internet looking for some inspiration (another funless, feckless, fruitless Friday night frittered away for fine arts, fuck) and I remembered this blog. The poem is great but the "FUCK POSTMODERNISM" post? Not only does it really resonate with me but it made me guffaw. I'm working on my thesis so in the past week I've read hundreds and hundreds of wretched pages about postmodernism and poststructuralism and I'm post post post wanting to get into a fistfight all words beginning in "post." So in short, I'm less grumpy now and thanks for being funny. I hope I bump into you in highlands some time soon!

TJ Murphy said...

I'm pleased I could ah, how you say... deconstruct some of your angst. Also pleased that my implicit criticism of contemporary art was received amicably.

As far a bronzing goes, I've got the cast made; I bought bronze and a crucible, but belatedly realized that a propane torch won't deliver 1600 degrees. Think having poured the plaster in a paper cup will have usable results?

Its good to hear from you! Maybe we could bump deliberately, rather than in brownian fashion?