Monday, January 4, 2010

School and Movie.

My quarter has begun, and the long period of wandering productivity that was my break has ended. I got a major portion of my thesis work done; the ground is well-laid for the testing that will comprise the result. Six months to go; I think I should be in good shape. This quarter I've got Linear Algebra II, Advanced Technical Calculus (essentially differential equations), Stochastic processes (which uses Matlab; a fact about which I'm excited), and Statistical Inference (which promises to be quite difficult). I will be well-occupied.

I watched THX 1138 last night. I picked it cause the trailer made it look like it would be weird, and weird it was indeed. It was fairly annoying to watch, actually, but I think they were actually trying to make it that way. Lots of awful noises, people talking in incomprehensible code, and things that seemed to have no purpose. I suppose the feeling of confusion and alienation it makes the viewer feel is akin to how the character feels as he comes off his sedatives. I recognize it as a good movie, though not an enjoyable one.

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