Friday, January 15, 2010

Tank Ambigram

Behold: the Neverdie ambigram adapted to fit into a circle so that I can put it on my gas tank.

Poor resolution, I know, but its the best I can do with my phone. I made the E-R's in the center asymmetrical in a very specific way: instead of a standard dreadnought accoustic body, they now resemble a Washburn 640-DL (my current guitar, and my first nice one). I put a lowercase alpha above the guitar neck to symbolize my first motorcycle project.

I've asked an artist-friend of mine (Lindsay Nehls) if she'd be willing to do it on a commission; she has access to a hand-plasma cutter at DAAP.

1 comment:

Paul Murphy said...

TJ this is along the lines of what I want on my book cover.