Monday, February 1, 2010

A little break from the seriousness

A slice of life, right there. I've laughed throughout every time I've watched it, for the last month or so. Thank you, Boing Boing!

My stereo is sweet. Its got a loose connection that makes the speakers buzz, but kicking it indiscriminately usually corrects the problem. Recently its gotten to the point where a heavy footstep in the room causes it to buzz... but no worry, another heavy footstep fixes it! So as we cross the room, we just have to make sure to take an even number of steps if we want the music to keep playing. Our downstairs neighbors must love us.

Why am I wasting time blogging inane observations? Excellent question! I'm going to the coffee shop now and leaving my computer here!

Behold: TAZA, coffee shop of dreams!

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