Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Straightforward Dishonesty

A guy came into the computer lab today asking questions about a virus on his laptop. I gave him some advice, which he kinda waved off and said "its only three months old, and I don't have time to mess with this 'safe mode' and stuff, so if I can't get it to work I'm just gonna break it. I'll pour some water in it or something and have them give me a new one."'

Epically irresponsible and cheaterly, and he's not even the slightest bit abashed about it. And talk about a poor relationship with your technology! Its Orwelian; Destroy=Repair. For the sake of ethical relationships between customers and suppliers, manufacturers should be differentiating between hardware failure and user-caused damage; and I believe they do so as best they can. This sort of thing should be a part of your "credit score."

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Matthew J Peterson said...

if he actually gets a new computer by ruining it, he deserves to work in a third world country harvesting e-waste, working amidst toxic metals and horrible fumes, sleeping on melted and burnt silicon chip bedframes.