Thursday, March 25, 2010


Classy jean jacket. Maaaybe I should get my hair cut.

Anyway... IT WORKS!

Here's a short list of what I've done to it:
Over the winter:
Rebuilt the carburetors
Took the engine off
Replaced every frozen bolt on the engine (ie every bolt) with stainless hex bolts
Replaced the piston rings
Replaced all the gaskets
Tapped out the right cylinder's exhaust stud hole
Unfroze and cleaned the oil filter

Over spring break (this week)
Put the cylinders on
Put the head on
Fixed a loose cam follower
Went to a honda dealer to get a masterlink for the cam chain cause the bastard I bought online was very obviously the wrong size
Riveted the cam chain (broke the motherfucking $80 chain tool in the process and ended up using a pair of vice grips)
Set the cam chain tension
Set the valve timing
Put the engine on the frame
Rewired it
Put a new clutch cable on
Went to a Honda dealer to have a new tube put in the back tire
Sealed the new gas tank (so it won't rust)
Put the carburetors on
Put new fuel hoses on
Polished the wheels and spokes
Installed the rear wheel and adjusted the brakes
Put new points on
Put a new condenser on
Installed new spark plugs
Fiddled around with the wiring for an hour 'cause I didn't realize I needed to set the points to a certain gap
Set the points
Cut the seat apart, made it two inches narrower and three inches shorter, and gorilla glued the cover back on.
Reinstalled the tachometer cable and wrapped it in red tape
Fixed the front brake cable
JB welded the exhaust stud into the cylinder.

and a lot of staring, fiddling, and cursing. The actual work that's gone into this bike probably would have taken a single afternoon, had I known what I was doing from the start.

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Rachael said...

now i know what my future looks like.