Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Return of the King

My bike is, triumphantly, in front of my apartment again.

Several things, apparently, went wrong.

1. The gasket on the distributor cover had a gap in it, and this was causing a short, causing the plugs to not fire. See the post below.

2. When I left the ignition on for five minutes (without it running), it blew a fuse. I put two spares in the toolbox.

3. The sparkplugs were getting fouled; I got a spare and also put it in my toolbox.

4. Carbonized plugs are, evidently, the result of running too rich. I'm trying to figure out how to properly adjust the carbs now.

5. The bolt holding the gas tank to the frame came out.

6. The fuel hoses I installed get kinked when they get hot, as a result of the way the new gas tank makes them sit. Not sure if a longer hose will help, but I'm gonna try. Otherwise I'm just gonna have to modify the petcock on the tank somehow.

7. The lovely toaster tank doesn't have a tube connecting the two lobes of the tank to equalize the levels in them. So there can be lots of gas remaining in the left side of the tank, but if it doesn't slosh over the hump in the right side, the carbs will dry up. I might have to make a major modification to fix that.

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