Thursday, April 29, 2010

So I might buy a coffee shop...

Well, a third of one anyway. Chris is blogging all the details at . I started of just building the financial model for them, but as I became more convinced of the model, I got more enthusiastic about helping run it. I'll graduate with my MS this quarter, spend a year or so running this coffee shop and studying. The only purpose taking classes next year would serve is to discipline myself into studying; but it seems silly to pay upwards of $12k for that motivation, especially when I could end up with a similar amount of owners equity in the same period. Plus, what an awesome experience, right? We'll see how the few unresolved items shake out (ie: liqueur license, signing the lease, signing the loan...).

Returning to a more familiar theme: putting hotter plugs in my bike seems to have improved the starting and running situations. I had inadvertently put the coldest plugs available in it; no wonder they were getting fouled even with the mix screws all the way in.

Its still got some idling issues, but they're different now. It only idles stably at 4k rpm, like before, but now if I close the choke lever by two thirds and reopen it it'll settle down to a nice 1.5k rpm idle. However, it wont come smoothly out of this idle: I have to ease it back up to the 4k level or it'll gasp and die. Once it gets back up to 4k, it stays there unless I do the choke thing again.

I've got the NEVERDIE ambigram tank badge mostly finished. I've been applying coats of polyeurithane to it for the last couple days, its developing a nice clear dome over the embossed letters. It's a race between evaporation in my poorly sealed can and accumulation on the surface to see when it finishes.

Also exciting: I set off car alarms when I ride past them. The neighborhood totally digs me.

On the gardening front: I planted another tomato plant and a pepper in a topsoil bag inside two worn out white t-shirts, hung from my back balcony with four bass guitar strings and a hose clamp keeping the hook from unbending. My garlic are finally all sprouting, I've got some Habanero sprouts, and my ghost pepper seeds have got tap roots. It will be a spicy, spicy fall this year.

Aaand finally, I got the GRE "Big Book;" 54 practice tests. If this isn't good enough, I'm incorrigible. I got a 73% on the test I took this morning. So if I were to do two a day and improve by a half a percent each time, I'd be perfect in less than a month. That's achievable, right?

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Paul Murphy said...

Buying a coffee shop would be a total distraction and detour from what you are doing...