Monday, May 10, 2010

Action Suit

Who could pass up a three piece thriftstore suit, which actually fits, and is made by Levi's?

They say the "Action Suit" suit was a pinnacle of bad marketing research; I say it a pinnacle of awesomeness too lofty for the hungover hipsters that were its intended purchasers. Look at me above, engaging in a manly speaker wire-running adventure, emphasized in its awesomeness by crisp creases and a snappy vest. The facial expression, which could easily be mistaken for some sort of bloodlust in the context of all that feral (and yet refined) masculinity, is actually just an artifact of wondering what Rick just knocked over in his room.

Speaking of the spirit of innovative cleverness and speaker wires, check this out:
On the surface, it appears to be an interrupter switch spliced into a speaker wire, hanging from my ceiling. And that's exactly what it is! Its purpose is to control the on/off-ness of the speakers I just installed on my back deck, which were the object of my speaker-wiring adventure.


Rachael said...

told ya there was no way that project would be done in 5 minutes when i decided to leave last night :p

also my word verification for this post is lefrak. i shall start saying that.

Rachael said...

also you look like a columbian drug lord here. or at least what i imagine columbian drug lords look like.

TJ Murphy said...

Is it the hammer, the wire, or the suit that does it?