Thursday, June 17, 2010

Epistemology paper

And here it is!

My giant epistemology paper, that is. Forty-six pages. I'm fairly pleased with it. It certainly lacks nothing for boldness. Skipper said that writing a good paper takes a month, and he wasn't exaggerating. I just hope he agrees that its good.

I had four separate people copy-edit it, and they all found a ton of completely non-overlapping egregious typos that I overlooked in my many readings of it. Matt and Rachael both found 20 to 30, each! Different ones, too! And I was pretty sure I had caught everything! Its amazing how much tiny errors damage credibility, and how unable I appear to be to see them.

Good to be done with it. Its by far the longest paper I've ever written, and also the most difficult in terms of content. It pulls in lots of the reading I've done over the last couple years, its almost like a year 1 paper (if I was actually in a PhD program).

Tuesday night I went to bed all freaked out. I had 8500 words written, but I had painted myself into a corner and I figured I needed to backtrack and delete a 1000 word section. I was laying in bed thinking "maybe I'm not cut out for this, maybe I should just get a banking job or somehting; maybe cognitive science research is too much for me and I should just be an observer...". I shook off the funk in the morning, deleted the offending section, and wrote the last 2500 words or so straight through.

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