Thursday, July 29, 2010

In the month since I finished my thesis project, I've read the following books:

The Left Hand of Darkness
The Name of the Rose
The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Chapters 1-3.5)

I've also visited a professor at the University of Michigan, (pry not a good fit, turns out), and arranged to visit a bunch of professors at IU in a couple of weeks. Douglas Hofstadter even emailed me back, though to say he'd be unavailable 'cause he's out of the country. I was super nervous in sending him a request to meet face to face, since he's been so influential on the course of my thinking and studies in the last couple of years. But his reply email was prompt and gracious, not nerve-wracking at all.

My professional situation is looking up, and I've also been able to sign up for a couple computer science classes for the fall. I'm taking Data Structures and Discrete Computational Structures, as well as a Discrete Mathematics. Since the programming classes assume a prior knowledge of C++, I'm going to have to shift my summertime programming self-tutelage to that language, from LISP. I think I can get all the way through the C++ version of "How to Think like a Computer Scientist; hopefully that'll be sufficient.

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