Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Comparison Shots


It's taken some time, and I'll admit that there were moments when I was ready to give it up as a lost cause. But at last, this 1969(ish) CB450 has been rebuilt, somewhat restored, and wholly resurrected as a cafe racer! It starts on the first kick (usually), goes really fast, and only stalls occasionally!

Short list of things I've done to the bike:
rebuilt the engine,
rebuilt the carburetors,
replaced air filters with pods,
replaced mufflers with short chrome exhaust pipes,
replaced clutch cable and lever,
replaced front break cable,
replaced throttle cable (with a hacked-together one),
replaced and sealed the gas tank,
rewired the electrical system for the lights and replaced the headlight,
replaced the chain,
hacked the old seat into something in the cafe-spirit and made a seat cover,
made the right hand tank badge,
bought a vintage left hand tank badge,
painted everything that wasn't chrome,
installed clubman handlebars,
installed bar-end mirrors.

And a short list of things I still need to do:
jet the carbs,
rebuild the stator,
rebuild the clutch.

But that stuff should be easy, right? I think I may also do something non-standard with the chrome panel on the gas tank, I was thinking of doing a checkered-diamond pattern on it in black.

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