Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Parallel computing

After a bout of extreme dwarf fortress enthusiasm (which is about to end in a tantrum spiral), I've recovered some of my enthusiasm for more productive geekery. After work today, I figured out how to remotely uninstall R from windows machines, and to install the newest version. This is essential, you see, for my massive parallel computing experiment that I've been stewing on for a little while.

I got my boss's go-ahead to run the scripts about an hour ago (I can't sleep, and he's got a late-email habit); and now I've got all 141 lab machines ready for paralellization. Now I've just gotta get Snowfall figured out and a good problem coded into it. I talked with a professor today on that subject; he was curious about R's optimization capacities. I discovered (after writing a naive email to him on the subject), that R can interface with all the best solvers, including CPLEX and COIN-OR. I think that means that the project is a good idea.

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